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Tibet. North of the mighty, timeless Himalayas, earth’s rooftop, a forbidden country recently opened where an ancient, wise culture beckons.
Tibet. Where monks in saffron and age old monasteries await the past to happen again.

Tibet. Extraordinary mountains, larger then life legends, magic...

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, India’s best-loved journalist Jug Suraya visited Tibet. And in the very first line of his article on the country summed up the clash of milleniums with.

"They say, if you haven’t Karaoked in Lhasa then you haven’t Karaoked at all..."

He called Tibet. ‘The Land of Eloquent Absence’.

It was all there and aching to be visited, a culture built in isolation behind the Himalayas, a culture whose patron was a religion that caused the creation of fabulous works of art in monuments, in carving and painting.

Only, something was missing. Something was being awaited.

And that was The Past.

It is the past of Tibet that is the forte of Reach For The Sky Adventures.

Let us take you to Lhasa and The Potala Palace, once home to 9999 monks and The Dalai Lama. Here hall after hall are filled with exquisite treasures. A museum that towers over the sprawling capital.

Or come with us to the garden palace of the Norbulingka, which inspired poetry and song. Visit the rooms of the illustrious Fifth Dalai Lama who wrote verse and painted tankhas or illuminated manuscripts that showed the way to heaven.

Outside Lhasa is the bustle of the Xigatse market and the capitals very own Barkhor market where the unexpected can still be found.

And there are wonders to be seen in the monasteries of Sera, Drepung, Jokhang.

It was said that a Lama who could visit all these sacred spots and touch the icons contained therein between sunrise and sunset, would achieve Nirvana.

Nature is at its rugged best on Tibet’s high plateau. Turquoise lakes, high passes and one of the most sacred mountains in the world, Kailash, abode of the mighty God Shiva, are all a wish away.

You follow in the timeless tread of The Cappucine monks who tried to preach Christianity in the early 15th century, you walk the paths that Dame Alexandra David Neal took, and you adventure in the memory of Heinreich Harrar.

Tibet is for the bold, Tibet is for those who are prepared for magnificence and Tibet is close to Reach For The Sky Adventure.

Let us touch immortality together

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