Nepal. where the Himalayas stretch from the Annapurnas to Everest to Kanchenjunga. Home of God Kings, living Goddesses, reincarnate Lamas, 2500 years of culture in seven world heritage sites.

Nepal. home to the happiest most welcoming people in the world, where the guest is God.

Nepal. where trekking trails abound making you reach for the sky, taking you to some unwalked places where you and the mountains are one and peace reigns supreme.

Nepal. the steepest Kingdom in the world hurtles down from Everest to the Jungle of the plains.

In between is a valley where city states vied one with the other to be the most beautiful.

There’s Patan, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu where the sixteenth century lingers in monuments of wood, stone, brick, gold, shaped and embellished by the handles of master craftsmen, commanded into creation by the wish of Royalty.

In between is the lake valley of Pokhara which reflects the Annapurnas and is the start to mountain adventures.
In between are swift rivers that start in the Himalayan glaciers and rush down in a white torrent to the plains of Nepal. Kayaking, rafting take on a new meaning in waters called Dudh Kosi or River of Milk.

In the Jungles are fabulous camps and elephant safaris to spot the one horned Rhino the almost extinct Royal Bengal Tiger and all manner of animals and birds.
But above it all are the ancient trails that lead up into the mountains so you can touch Everest, be bewildered by The Annapurna Sanctuary, trek to   the five peaked Kanchenjunga.



Nepal has been called, a world on its own. And rightly so. Where else can you breakfast in a monastery built in contemplation of Everest, at 13,000ft, lunch in a medieval square towered over by pagoda roofs in the valley of Kathmandu and dine in heart of a Jungle where the trumpeting of elephants means that there’s game nearby, waiting to be spotted.

So, a world on its own, awaits your choosing.

Will it be mountains and Jungles, this time?
       Or culture and white water rafting?
              Or, perhaps, just shopping and taking the most
                      spectacular flight in the world past some of the planets highest peaks.

                     Nepal. So much to offer. So much to see. So much to do.

                             And Reach For The Sky Adventure is always
                                    there to help you to turn a wish into a memory.


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