The Red FortIndia, in its sprawl from the mountains to the ocean, a land of incredible diversity where palaces abound and heritage sites await discovery. A magnificence of sights and sounds, a melange of different cultures united by a vision of oneness.

India, which has brought the world to its shores in search of the spiritual, the meaningful, the eternal.

India, where the Himalayas have been home to sages, poets and traders. Their paths can be yours in the flower, forest and snow covered places of the North.


India has been invaded again and again and again.

From the dawn of time, came the Aryans.
     Then came the Mongols.
          Followed by the Mughals.
               And finally the British.

There was something inviting about India, a kind of acceptance that bordered on happy resignation that some would call Fatalism. It was this open ended invitation that had the country invaded but never conquered.

So India today is a melange of thousands of traditions, hundreds of festivals, a variety of heritages that are revealed as one travels from one village, to a city, to a metropolis, to the deserts, to forts and palaces and hotels and inns and ...

India’s is an old culture being influenced by time and in a state of colorful flux. Traveling by road one sees a bullock cart trundling along as jets fly overhead. Air-conditioned trains go swiftly past camel caravans and elephants vie for road space with Mercedes Benzes.

But the newness is so new that it can not hide the tradition of welcome and hospitality that greet you on your travels through India. In this country we ask you to reach for the sky of your imagination.

In Delhi, imagine the pomp and splendor of the British Raj, when India was a Jewel in the Empire’s Crown and Delhi was a glittering diamond.

In Agra, imagine Shahjahan commanding a million workers to hurry with building Mughal India’s most magnificent monument, the Taj Mahal. Some call it a priceless, timeless teardrop - a testimony to the Emperor’s undying love for his beloved Noorjahan.

In nearby Fatehpur Sikri, imagine the power and the grandeur of the Emperor Akbar’s new capital that was built but never inhabited because of a lack of water.

In Rajasthan, imagine a whole lineage of Hindu Royalty who styled themselves Son’s Of Kings, building delicate palaces in the desert and breeze houses incredibly frescoed.

Wherever you go in India there are streets that remember the earliest invasion and are treasure filled - they await your patronage.

Imagine brocades and intricately woven carpets, jewelry designed for nobility, fabric full of color and mirror work...

Imagine the food that you eat was once created for Royal banquets and the dances that you see come from a classical tradition.

Imagine miracles in wood, stone and metals.

Imagine the finest hotels, the best service and your wishes translated into commands.

Imagine it all and then come to India with Reach For The Sky Adventures and realize you don’t have to imagine it at all. It’s all there, it’s all real and it’s all happening in a country called India.

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