"traveller ... mistress of endurance and fortitude"

A description given on a certificate at the beginning of the twentieth century to Dame Freya Stark who discovered the source of the Euphrates. A description that applies well to Ms. Mikki McRee, President of Reach For The Sky Adventure and inveterate globe trotter.

Mikki has explored the Middle East, The Far East and Europe but in The Himalayas she found home.

The unique, the unexpected always appealed to Mikki McRee who has managed baseball teams in the US and in Canada, has flown planes and has quested into the unknown, the unexplored.

Having found a home in The Himalayas she wants to share it with the world. She's gathered about her a cheerful, friendly band of volunteers all possessed with her ability to share, to show and to explain.

A.D.A. D. Sherpa, orphaned but born with the wilderness in his blood heads Mikki's operation. He has climbed three eight-thousand meter peaks and knows secret trails that lead to The Himalayas many Shangri-la's.

PasangPasang Sherpa, who studied in England as a gift for helping an elderly, handicapped lady to see Everest, still finds a sense of wonder in all the trails he leads friends through. A sense of awe and beauty he readily shares.

KusangKusang Sherpa, taciturn, reliable as dependable as the rocks he leads you past. Nima One, the family man who guides you as though you were his kith and kin. The always smiling Nima Two whose grin hides a profound knowledge of mountains and their moods.

Nima OneMohan Rai, born beneath the great white shadow of the Himalayas, has carried loads across the mountains and worked in a Travelers shop. He shares the Himalayas happily with those he guides.

Dhanay Rai who can cook gourmet meals high in the thin cold air. He trained, Nar Bahadur Rai, D. Raj and Luck Kumar who create culinary wonders in the wilderness.

In India there is Kiran Sant a turbaned Sikh who has forgotten more about the sub continent than most people know.

Tibet is handled by the petite Persis and her willing aides who unravel the wonder and wild enchantment of The Roof Of The World.

In Bhutan there's Chimmey Tobgyal of noble lineage and incredible knowledge and a host of friendly guides.

These and many more help you to Reach For The Sky. When you reach for the sky you are bound to see stars. These are some of them.


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